8 Post Ideas To Get More Comments On Instagram For Maximum Engagement

In this modern era, Instagram has more than 1 billion active monthly users. It is the platform for sharing lots of content. After Facebook, Instagram is only the second largest engagement rate-gaining platform. Instagram’s algorithm changes every time, but marketers and influencers are always alert to current trends and strategies to beat them. Instagram engagement is a big deal for all users to attract viewers and get more comments on their posts.

8 Amazing Ideas To get more Comments On Instagram Posts

When you get more engagement on your post, it means you follow the algorithm guidelines. Respecting audience opinions and interests is the best way to get more comments on your posts. You need to find what makes visitors comment on your posts instead of scrolling. Here are some tips to get more comments on Instagram and succeed in your strategy!

1. Craft Posts For Your Target Audiences

First, you need to understand your target audience’s interest through comments on your post. Which post on your profile gets more likes, shares, and comments is the people’s most liked content on your profile. Now, you can come up with ideas for your future content. Before creating your content, you need to analyze audience interests on your previous posts’ metrics.

2. Post At The Right Time

Whenever you plan to post your content on Instagram, you must know the active time of your target audience. Posting at the right time will help you to get an amount of reach and impressions on your Instagram content after it goes live. If Instagram recognizes it as good-quality content, the algorithm will push your post to the Explore page. Once your post appears on the Instagram Explore page, it will get enormous reach and engagement.


Most of the users are stuck with good songs and quotes. Adding attractive captions can catch the audience’s eyes towards your post and increase engagement. You can add emojis to your captions to attract viewers easily. Using only limited characters will be good. Adding relevant hashtags to your caption will help people to find your profile easier.

4. Instagram Giveaway

Instagram giveaways are a more effective way to get more followers, engagement, and comments on your profile. It’s fun to interact with audiences and promote the contest by asking questions. For example, 

  • Tag your friend
  • Follow the profile
  • Like and comment on the Post
  • Share a post on your story

These are the ways to take some actions on your post and build authenticity on your brand. The more people will like to try these types of contests. It is a good idea to make your audience more curious about your brand.

5. Create Memes

Nowadays, all the users like to watch memes on Instagram. If you run a business on Instagram, you can create memes and jokes about your brand better than regular posts. When you post memes, you get tons of comments on your post. You can also repost funny memes of your followers. 

6. Relevant Hashtags

Using niche related hashtags is a most effective way to get more visitors to your account. It is a quicker technique to discover more users and rank higher on Instagram. Accounts similar to your niche will be more likely to engage with your content. Adding hashtags and location directly points to your business, so it’s easy to get relevant followers. 

7. Engagement is Key

If you get quality engagement through likes, video views and likes is the perfect way for getting real comments on Instagram reels. The higher engagement will give you the chance to have the Instagram algorithm push your videos on the Explore feed. When your content looks more attractive, more people will have a chance to comment on your posts. One of the important things is you need to respond to all the comments for better engagement.

8. Boost Popularity

When you want to become popular on Instagram, you need to get more likes, shares, and comments. If you get more organic following and engagement on your profile, the Instagram algorithm will automatically boost your post. You could focus on creating engaging content to build a following rapidly.


To get more interactions on your Instagram, you must post content on a daily basis. You must focus on your content quality and the type of content you post. Try to utilize all the features on Instagram to attract more audiences to your profile. You can follow the above tips for maximum engagement on your profile to get the best results.