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Top Guidelines Of Influencer Marketing For Twitter

Twitter serves as a hangout for a specific demographic. You wouldn’t use Facebook to communicate with a 15-year-old, and you shouldn’t use Twitter to communicate with your granny or your employer unless you work in technology, marketing, or the media.

A study by the Pew Research Center found that compared to the general population of the United States, Twitter users are younger, more likely to identify as Democrats, have greater levels of education, and higher incomes. In addition to the IT sector (see Elon Musk’s Twitter), other areas including startups, journalism, and politics also use Twitter extensively.

And first firstly, know who you’re talking to.

That’s why Twitter is putting so much emphasis on Topics: to divide their user base into subsets defined by their shared interests. Since identifying your demographic and locating them is the backbone of every successful marketing strategy, this should read like a sermon straight from the pulpit. This is something that influencers are aware of as well. Content creators that focus on a niche audience by appealing to their shared interests and values might build online communities. This happens naturally for Twitter influencers, but marketers may do it on purpose to reach new audiences.

Discovering Your Target Audience

You should start by identifying your target demographic. If you want to learn more about audience analysis, we’ve written a lot about it here on our blog. Everything you do, from the sort of information you publish to the tone of voice you employ, should be informed by a clear understanding of your audience’s values, interests, demographics, and views.

Second Rule: Make eye contact with your readers.

When it comes to talking to complete strangers, Twitter is hard to beat. Unlike other social networking sites, you don’t have to be connected or “friends” with someone to remark on their status; in fact, you don’t even have to follow them in order to do so on Facebook. You may make use of the fact that Twitter’s algorithm places numerous tweets from users you don’t follow in your timeline based on your engagement and interests.

The Third Golden Rule: Pay Attention and Never Go Behind

Since I’ve already started, let’s go into a little more depth regarding social listening. Maybe politicians and A-list celebs employ social listening technologies, but I highly doubt that micro-influencers do. Their ability to tune in to their listeners is impressive, though. This follows logically from the first guideline since it allows you to learn more about your target demographic as you interact with them. Twitter celebrities definitely know what their followers want since they engage with them so frequently.

Keep up with the Times

I hope it’s clear now that social listening is the optimal strategy in this situation. You can keep up with the latest industry news and Twitter trends by setting up a Twitter monitoring account to track the mentions of specific keywords in your specialty.

Creating Twitter “lists” is a terrific method to stay on top of breaking news and trending topics. Twitter Lists are a useful tool for keeping track of the many different types of users you follow on the platform, including newsmakers, rivals, the most active consumers, influencers, and trendsetters in your sector. Maintaining your relevance can be aided by following a selection of accounts that tweet about current events and humorous observations.

Fourthly, try to crack a joke.

Let’s discuss memes and their relationship to wit and humour. Instagram, it’s been joked, is for the visually appealing, while Twitter is for the witty (not that you can’t be both).

Certainly, the vast majority of tweets that go viral are humorous (informative, beautiful, and so on). As a result of this, comedians, journalists, and authors tend to have large numbers of followers on Twitter.

Likewise, brands are aware of this fact. The Wendy’s Twitter account is a particularly illustrative case because of the clever way it employs snarky comments and asides to draw in and delight its followers.

Make use of visual aids (video, images, GIFs, voice tweets)

Although Twitter is most often linked with text, media such as photos and videos also play an important role. Several popular influencers just provide visual content on their profiles, such as memes, cat images, response GIFs, and other such items. In only three months, one of my favourite accounts went from zero to over 266,000 followers thanks to its “us” tagline photos shared with friends and partners.

Post only topics that are both interesting and useful (Rule 6).

Unexpectedly, in recent years, Twitter has become a place where people may share lengthy pieces of writing. Users can’t explain their complete story in a single tweet because of the character restriction, so they post threads to make up for it. Movies have even been made using tweets.

Rule 7: Check out Twitter’s latest features and improvements.

Twitter is a dynamic platform that is always updating its features. They don’t simply try rearranging the buttons or changing the colour of the background; they introduce brand-new functionality for consumers to experiment with.

Trying out new Twitter functions: a guide

Keeping up with trade publications like Social Media Today is a great way to find out about exciting new developments in the business and determine which ones could be worth exploring further.

Furthermore, large debuts like Twitter Spaces typically generate a lot of attention merely around the feature itself, so incorporating them into your Twitter marketing approach may result in some new followers.


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