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Videos On TikTok Can Now Be 10 Minutes In Length: The Latest Version Of TikTok

Video duration on TikTok will be increased from three to 10 minutes, the company stated last month. Moburst’s Head of Influencer Marketing Sophia Cohen talks about some of the updates that have been made to the TikTok platform.

When Is the New TikTok Coming Out?

Considering that TikTok has traditionally functioned as a medium for short-form videos, the question now is whether or not this is still the case in light of the upgrade.

It appears the decision was made so that influencers wouldn’t have to send their audiences elsewhere for longer material but instead could focus on creating in-depth vlogs rather than short bits.

What Kind of Reaction Have You Seen From Businesses?

The new TikTok has been met with widespread disapproval from professionals in the field. Skepticism is common when it comes to change since it necessitates new measures, new best practises, and a new way of thinking.

TikTok wants to provide creators the ability to develop long-form material, but some argue that this will detract from TikTok’s present (extremely successful) model.

TikTok has been so successful so far because of the incentives it gives its users to watch videos on the platform over and over again. Since these videos are so brief, viewers who find something interesting or funny the first time around have nothing to lose by watching them again.

Users are likely to view the short films more than once, whether they are challenges or “get ready with me” (GRWM) sessions.

Because of the new 10-minute cap, fewer people will watch videos more than once on TikTok, leading to less views. The sector will grudgingly have to establish brand-new benchmarks.

What Motivated This Change from TikTok?

After hearing from producers, TikTok increased the maximum length to encourage the creation of lengthier videos. This is a good thing since it means there will be more room for a wider variety of artists and content genres.

Instead of just doing ab exercises for three minutes, fitness instructors may now design full-body workouts that last ten minutes. Alternately, stylists can help clients plan a whole week’s worth of looks rather than just one.

Now, instead of sending their viewers to other sites like YouTube, they can keep them right where they are. As a result, TikTok is positioning itself as a serious challenger to YouTube by giving content creators a single platform to host their work.

It’s undeniable that TikTok is attempting to monetize the app further by providing users and producers with a new feature that eliminates the need for YouTube video “trailers” to guide TikTok followers to longer-form content on YouTube.

Is There Anything That Can Be Done to Improve the Reception of This Update Within the Industry?
Moburst has investigated the possibility of a distinct location within the app beyond the For You tab where TikTok may host its long-form movies.

An alternative is to implement a time limit on videos that viewers can set with a simple filter. This would also provide information to makers about the optimal length for user-submitted videos.

If consumers don’t want the long-form videos to slow down the For You page, they can opt out in one of two ways. As near as possible to the present TikTok dynamic is what users prefer.

In any case, isn’t the prevalence of such brief videos among the key draws of TikTok (in comparison to other social networking sites)?

To keep up with TikTok’s success, many other platforms have implemented features like Reels and Shorts in an effort to replicate its success. TikTok’s reels are expected to perform similarly to Instagram’s, which is saying something.

The fact that it’s TikTok should be enough to convince anyone that this will be executed without a hitch.


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