Because of its ease of use, extraordinarily creative and algorithm with user-friendly TikTok is popular on social media. All of this combination is a significant part of getting over our Facebook and Instagram. Anyone can immediately open the account and gain the attention of the users by starting creating content is the beauty of the TikTok app.

  1. You can upload videos, and you can create videos.
  2. For a small group of audience, TikTok will show your video that they think will view and like your video content. That video showed being on the page name For you, more about the vocabulary of TikTok and use below, alongside with already popular videos
  3. When videos are in a showing of the first stage, Tiktok looks at how many comments your video gets, how many likes your videos get, how downloads your videos get, and how many shares your video gets. Currently, available information suggests that one in every ten views that have your videos gets TikTok pushes to show your videos content to more audiences and people.
  4. One of the primary triggers for the algorithm of TikTok is the engagement growth of it receives. For example, if you today upload a video and TikTok app sees that dramatically your likes in one day went up, then they will continuously push your video to too many more peoples. 
  5. The main trigger algorithm of TikTok is the growth of the platform’s engagement. 
  6. There are 500 million global users on Tiktok currently and growing.
  7. 50% of the users are between the age of 16 years old and 24 years old.
  8. People on the maximum have spent about 52 minutes per day on the TikTok.
  9. All of the 90% of the users on the TikTok app is buy real TikTok likes to get reach and use multiple times per day daily.
  10. About 68% of all the TikTok users watch other creators video, and 60% upload their itself content
  11. More than one billion videos viewed in the last year with every day

It is also more critical to started to get soon and do not wait until you have to go to see other creator’s success on the app.