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Create Your Own Social Media Marketing Plan In 7 Easy Steps [FREE TEMPLATE]

Let’s be honest: your efforts on social media might not pay off if you don’t have a social media marketing plan. It’s tempting to get caught up in posting to social media sites only to keep accounts “alive,” but this strategy is unlikely to yield meaningful economic outcomes for your company.

What elements make to a successful plan for using social media? Knowing your end goal(s), your target demographic(s), and the kind of material they like to engage with will help you post at the optimal moment.

To what end does one employ a social media marketing strategy?

A social media marketing plan is a document that details your social media objectives, approaches to reaching those objectives, and metrics for measuring success.

Moreover, the following should be included in the plan you have for social media:

Any and all social media profiles you now have or intend to create
Identify and develop platform-specific marketing objectives (which should tie into the company’s overarching digital marketing strategy) for each social media channel you want to employ.
Individuals’ functions within the team
Regularity of your reports

A move approach to creating a social marketing strategy.

The complete process of developing a social media marketing plan is outlined here. Watch this video in which Amanda, Hootsuite’s Senior Manager of Social Media Marketing, explains how to use their free social media marketing plan template if you’re short on time (or just don’t like reading):

First, make sure your social media marketing goals are in line with the overall goals of your company.

Goals should be S.M.A.R.T.
Successful social media strategies begin with well-defined objectives. You can’t evaluate success or return on investment without some sort of benchmark (ROI).

1. Keep an eye on the important indicators

A lot of companies get bogged down in tracking data that have little to do with their marketing aims. Vanity metrics, such as the volume of likes and the number of followers, are simple, entertaining, and often tracked, but they rarely have any value (unless when seeking to raise brand recognition).

2. Do some research on your ideal clientele

Make audience avatars.

Knowing your target demographic and the kind of interactions they like on social media can help you choose the material you should provide. 

3. Get familiar with your rivals

Very likely, if you’re utilising social media to market your business, so are your rivals. Keep calm. This is excellent news, since it will allow you to spy on them.

Analyze how your competitors are using social media.
You may learn a lot about who they are, what they’re doing well and where they’re falling short by conducting a social media competitive study.

It’s possible that your rivals are also attempting to reach this demographic. If you want to know what your audience wants and where there are growth prospects, you should look at what your rivals are doing on social media.

4. Do a social media assessment

After putting in some time utilising social media for advertising, take a step back and assess how things are going. Consider the following questions:

Once you know that, you can begin planning for growth. To assist you in this endeavour, we have prepared a comprehensive guide on how to do a social media audit (together with a free template).

5. Create a social media presence and fine-tune your current profiles

Make a choice on which social media platforms to utilise.
When deciding which social media platforms to employ, it’s important to specify each platform’s intended function.

“For our cosmetic lessons… we’re all over Snapchat and Instagram Stories,” Angela Purcaro, the social media manager at Benefit Cosmetics, told eMarketer. On the other hand, Twitter is for communicating with customers.

6. Have a plan for your social media posts.

Sharing high-quality information is crucial, but without a strategy outlining exactly when that content will be distributed, you won’t see the outcomes you’re hoping for.

You can plan out when and where your social media posts will go live, as well as what you’ll be posting, with the aid of a content calendar. Time spent interacting with followers is logged as well.

7. Monitor your social media’s progress and adjust your approach as needed

Whether you’re new to social media marketing or have been at it for a while, it’s important to periodically review your approach to ensure it’s still effective.

When you monitor your progress, you could find that some of your strategies are not producing results while others are flourishing.

If you want to see improved outcomes from your social media marketing, you need to jettison the methods that aren’t producing the desired results and double down on those that are. If you come across any fresh possibilities, don’t be afraid to take advantage of them.

Formalized Social Media Plan Example

Download this free template to help you get started with social media marketing.


Manage your social media marketing campaign with the help of Hootsuite. Hootsuite is a social media management dashboard that allows users to plan and schedule posts, monitor trending topics, interact with their followers, and assess how effective their efforts were.


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