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5 Proven Social Media Tactics For The Year 2023

Everyone has been on one wild ride this year. However, forward-thinking companies have come through with invaluable insights into sustainable social media trends.

In 2022, what social media tactics worked best? How can we use these to shape our 2023 social media strategy?

We’ll share the top strategies and marketing strategies that will ensure your company’s success all year long.

Strategies for Use on Social Media in the Year 2023

As of July 2022, the estimated number of active social media users is 4.7 billion.

In raw numbers, that equates to 227 million new users signing up for social media sites around the world in just the past year.

Considering the sustained growth of social media over the past few years, it’s easy to see why companies put so much effort into developing a solid social media strategy.

An efficient social media strategy is a well-thought-out plan of action that takes into account your desired outcomes and the specifics of your target audience.

Writing down your objectives in a thorough social media strategy will allow you to monitor your progress and pinpoint problem areas.

An effective social media strategy, of course, takes into account current social media movements.

That’s where we come in, by the way.

Read on for a couple of social media marketing tips that are sure to improve your efforts. As a bonus, by maximising your social media efforts in 2023, you can strengthen your relationships with current customers and attract new ones.

1.Hold contests as a means of gaining and maintaining exposure

It’s likely that at some point you’ve entered or even run a social media contest. There is a good reason why so many companies have started using them in their social media campaigns.

The number of your followers on social media can be increased as well as your reach and interest in your product or service by holding a contest.

In the past few years, partnering with an influencer to host a social media contest has proven to be one of the most successful strategies for reaching a large audience.

More and more companies are realising the importance of interactive channels of communication with their customers. This makes perfect sense; competitions and prizes will continue to be popular, but their primary purpose will shift away from attracting new fans and subscribers.

Instead, brands are increasingly turning to contests as a means of providing value to their target demographic. Making it possible for them to not only attract the attention of potential customers, but also maintain that attention over time.

Look at how Kool-Aid engaged with thousands of potential customers and joined the Halloween conversation by hosting a fun contest.

You can improve your social media marketing by holding a contest.

  • Raise customers’ exposure to and recall of your brand
  • Add more people to your email list.
  • Increase the number of visitors to your online properties.
  • Do some research on your target market.
  • Prospective clients need to be informed.
  • Maximize profits by boosting sales.
  • To get feedback on your products, you need to put them to the test.
  • Customers who have been with you for a while should be rewarded, and then some.

In particular, a physical product sale is not necessary to host a competition.

Do you work as an expert in business expansion, advising aspiring entrepreneurs? Give away something for free, like a mini-course or a consultation call lasting 30 minutes.

Perhaps you help people expand their businesses by teaching them how to give speeches. How about holding a contest and giving away some of your services to the winner?

Follow to enter, tag a friend to enter, like to enter, comment to enter, share to enter, vote to enter, take a photo to enter, and so on are just a few of the many possible contest formats.

Check out Neil Patel’s blog post, “How to Use Contests and Giveaways to Get User-Generated Content,” for a more in-depth discussion of this topic.

2. Use video to foster more meaningful relationships.

You’ve probably taken note of how many social media sites now make it easier to upload and distribute video content to your followers.

The popularity of YouTube is undeniable at the moment; Instagram Live promotes the sharing of instant updates; Instagram TV (IGTV) provides a platform for longer-form content; and TikTok is, well, TikTok.

We have seen how visuals increase engagement and how video lets you have a more personal conversation with your audience.

Live streaming on social media is one of the most effective ways to boost engagement and get instant reactions/feedback. Live broadcasts have many practical applications, such as event coverage, the instant selection or announcement of contest winners, and the generation of interest in a new product during its initial release.

Many viewers of social media videos value their “authenticity” and “raw” quality. What this means is that anyone can join the ranks of content creators, even without the aid of experts.

Take a look at the videos created by Asana, one of the most popular project management tools, to demonstrate how the app can be used to maximise efficiency.


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