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The Value Of Integrating Search Engine Optimisation With Social Media Marketing

The many methods of web promotion are now more intertwined than ever before. An essential case in point is the combination of search engine optimisation with social media advertising.

Search engine optimisation (SEO) and social media marketing (SMM) must work together.

The best way to increase traffic to your social media profiles is to optimise them for search engines.

Social media tactics might help your SEO, but they can also hurt it. If your social media accounts are optimised for search engines, you will see a significant increase in traffic.

Social media is typically the first point of access to your website, even before Google. One explanation for this is the relative speed with which social media accounts may rise in search engine rankings compared to a company website. There are presently 350.8 million Google search results for Facebook. YouTube is a close second, appearing in the search results for 344,000,000 queries.

If your social media profiles are search engine optimised, more people should be exposed to your business. Focusing on some long-tail keywords and constructing connections to your profile and chosen social media profiles is a good place to start. As more people start linking to your social media posts, you may begin targeting more difficult keywords.

Creating real connections on social media is a great approach to get high-quality links.

There is no SEO without backlinks. Earning high-quality backlinks is currently far more challenging than it was in the past.

Creating valuable backlinks is not impossible. There are several effective link-building tactics you may utilise with social media. Earning links on social media may be done in a variety of ways.

  • Join communities of related blogs on social media platforms like Facebook and Pinterest. Connecting with other Pinterest marketers is easy when you utilise a network like Tailwind Tribes. The members of these groups work together to promote one other’s social media posts, but they can also make arrangements for mutually beneficial linking or just provide each other with opportunities to post.
  • You may promote your viral, linkbait material using your social media accounts. It’s possible that other blogs and news sites may link to this material.
  • High-quality dofollow backlinks are available on several social networking sites. Tumblr is a fantastic illustration. When others click on the links you provide in your Tumblr accounts, they will be sent to your original posts.
  • Nofollow connections to your content are simple to generate from social networking sites like Facebook, Pinterest, YouTube, and others. It may seem counterintuitive to put effort into acquiring nofollow links, but they do have certain uses. They demonstrate to Google that your link profile is diverse and organic, which improves your ranking. These are major social cues that Google takes into account. In other words, the links themselves won’t improve your SEO immediately, but they will benefit in the long run.

Using social media to brainstorm ideas for high-quality material that will do well in search rankings may be quite beneficial.

Quality material may also be found in your social media communities. Through conversations with them, you’ll learn more about the information they find valuable.

Asking members of your community to participate in surveys or give quotations for use in blog posts or videos are two common ways to solicit content creation from them. Social media contests can be run in which users submit videos or images for possible inclusion on the website.

Because it’s simpler to make the longer form, comprehensive articles that Google prioritises these days, content that’s inspired by your social media engagements will rank better. Engaging material like this is likely to perform better in newer search engines.


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