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A Guide to Using Social Media to Better Involve Fans in Sports

There’s no denying the prevalence of social media usage among sports fans; as a result, the sports business sector has to investigate this phenomenon.

Social media is the sole low-cost means to reach large audiences today, with an estimated 4.5 billion users worldwide by 2025.

As a result, it has altered the advertising strategies of every sector, including the sporting goods sector.

How things stand with social media in sports today?

Covid-19 had a devastating impact on the sports world, postponing games and leaving the seasons and careers of many athletes up in the air. Yet the sports-related excitement on social media wasn’t dented at all. Around 1.5 million tweets were sent out during the finale of the Michael Jordan drama “The Final Dance.”

Overall, 13.8 million people interacted with WWE’s Wrestlemania on social media. The tweet announcing Liverpool’s Premier League triumph was liked 464,5k times and retweeted 229.8k times.

What’s the verdict, then? True sports fans never tyre of discussing their favourite games, players, and teams. They are constantly updating their social media profiles, notably their Facebook and Twitter pages, with the most recent information.

Use of social media always play a part in sports by:

  • Informing supporters about developments involving team members
  • Providing live sessions where fans may engage with team members
  • Presenting a summary of significant happenings and recent news
  • Let’s check at the newest social media trends in sports to discover what’s working to attract and retain an audience.

Tactics for using social media to connect with sports fans

Show off your preseason workout photographs and videos

During the off-season, what do you recommend your fans do? They shouldn’t have to go through any more Sundays without sports than they have to. Give them sneak peeks into your preseason practises. Seeing their favourite players in training all year long will keep the anticipation high for the big game.

Host a contest or give away involving sports

I agree that this is a great approach to get the word out about the big game. It’s a great way to get people talking about the event and interested in coming. A few examples of how participants can enter the giveaway are:

To enter the contest, have people comment on the post and tag their friends.
You might ask your followers to share one of your social media postings.
Make users more likely to interact with your posts and follow your account by requesting their likes and follows.
Promote your offer by having followers share it on their Instagram stories using the #giveaway and @your account.

Take a poll of sports lovers

If you’re trying to promote anything on social media to photographers or sports enthusiasts, asking them what they want is a wonderful way to get started. An effective way to get useful input and find out what people really want is to conduct a survey. You may use this data to boost your company and service quality going forward.

Include a feedback survey with incentives like prizes. You’ll get a larger number of signups and expand your email marketing list as a result. Create professional-looking surveys with the use of a drag-and-drop editor from a form builder like WPforms.

Promote the game through previews

There will be occasions when you need to sell as many tickets as possible. Using social media to spread material in the run-up is a wonderful strategy. Some suggestions for pregame social media posts are as follows:

  • Images of the athletes warming up
  • YouTube videos of your squad stretching before a workout.
  • cheap tickets for sale
  • Event preparations

Use memes

What could be more satisfying than having your audience laugh with your writing? Memes are the most popular type of online material due to their high levels of engagement. Quite a few meme pages often use sports-related content as a curation strategy. What’s stopping you from making your own? While posting online, you may get a lot of attention by using absurdist comedy. Such materials are now standard fare for any successful viral content marketing campaign.

Inspire sportspeople to talk about their experiences

In order to develop meaningful relationships with your audience, you must be yourself. Some athletes utilise their platforms to bring attention to and highlight societal concerns, while others are just plain funny on social media.

Getting players’ attention has been a problem for supporters for a while. Yet with the rise of social media managers, fans no longer have to wait for a game to air before they can talk to their favourite athlete. By discussing their own experiences in the world of sports, athletes may help their followers feel more connected to them. Many of them even participate in developing and popularising those trends through social media.

Share highlights as they occur in the game

In order to get more people to your sporting event, we discussed releasing pre-season training videos and pre-game teases. Those who are unable to attend the game or see it live may find that highlights are the next best thing.

The most interesting social media content is often made up of short clips from the event that are shared in the form of Instagram and Facebook stories. Throughout the game, you may tweet out brief updates on the score and other relevant data. It’s a certain way to attract more visitors to your profile and get you some new fans.

Work with influential people in sports

Without influencer marketing, sports marketing on social media would be without a key component. It’s the quickest and most convenient method of attracting a large number of new followers to your social media pages. Working with prominent members of your field might increase your exposure. Nike is killing it at this point. It demonstrates how partnering with prominent athletes may boost a company’s profile. Yet you can get the same kinds of returns on your investment in your brand without spending that much money.


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