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An Ultimate Guide: Organic vs Paid Social Media Advertising

Promoting yourself and your company on social media is crucial. However you feel about it, the fact remains that your company cannot function without it. Actually, that’s the way things are right now.

Customers will use social media to verify what they have heard about your brand through advertising or word of mouth, and to gather additional information before making a final decision.

Social media marketing encompasses a vast array of moving parts, approaches, and methods, but at its core are the paid and organic channels. They are all working towards their own ends.

Now, a word about social media marketing: paid vs. organic Where do you find the sweet spot?

You can’t have one without the other, so I’ve laid out a detailed plan for how to build a community that also helps you reach your business goals in the rest of this post.

Real-World Social Networking

What about washing your car? Probably.

How does that affect the car’s functionality and gas mileage? Negligible benefits, yet you persist in doing it.

Keeping your car clean shows that you care about your appearance and sending the right message to your friends, family, and peers. A spotless vehicle is a marketing asset. While washing your car won’t improve its efficiency or output, it is an essential part of keeping it in good working order.

Taking advantage of the organic social media

There are several important ways in which organic social media can raise brand awareness.

In the event that advertisers are unable to use data in the usual way due to iOS 14 (more on this in a bit), the next best thing is to cultivate a dedicated fan base. While Facebook and Instagram are no longer able to access third-party data, they do generate a wealth of data through their online communities that can be used to test products, marketing strategies, and creative concepts. In fact, regardless of whether you use paid or organic methods, building a community is a significant advantage of social media marketing.

Brand voice is established through the use of organic social media, where there is more room for conversation than in paid advertising. People will hear your slogan in paid advertisements. Taco Bell’s somewhat snarky personality on social media hits home with their target demographic of young, active, and impulsive users, making it a shining example of a brand’s voice in action.
The two-way nature of social media makes it an ideal testing ground for new products and messaging strategies because of the feedback loop it creates with the audience. Social media users will provide instantaneous feedback if a new logo is introduced.

Commercial Social Networking

The bulk of a business’s income and costs come from paid social media. Social media advertising is a must if you want to see concrete ROI for your company.

So, what advantages can you anticipate?

Gains from Paid Social Media

The most significant advantage of paid social is the reliability of its outcomes (in terms of conversions, traffic, video views, etc.). With a well-planned and executed paid social strategy, businesses can see returns on their investment in a short period. Once you begin advertising on social media, you will be able to reap several ancillary benefits.

You can choose exactly who sees your paid posts, unlike with organic content. Targeting people who have visited your website or seen your other content is another option, as is using an audience based on their interests or demographics.
Results can be magnified by investing more resources into marketing once a successful funnel has been identified. Particularly helpful when sales volume is critical to success or when you have a large supply of a popular product.

Ideas for Making the Most of Your Advertising Budget on Social Media

Considering the abundance of blogs and online resources on the topic, we’ll only touch on a few advanced strategies for running successful social media advertising campaigns.

Use user-generated content (UGC) – As we briefly covered, paid social campaigns rely on a wide range of content to determine what works best. To achieve this, not only can you combine different types of media, but you can also use content from different authors. You can improve the success of your advertising campaigns by incorporating user-generated content (UGC) created by your target demographics.

White listing and dark posting – Skilled marketers can leverage creators’ profiles and audiences in addition to the content they obtain from them. Whitelisting your influencers allows you to use their accounts to promote your brand using content they created. Famous social media marketers use and advocate for this strategy, including Savannah Sanchez. Those unfamiliar with whitelisting should read the following post: To clarify, what exactly is Instagram whitelisting? ‍

Maintaining a healthy equilibrium is essential, both in social media and in real life. To achieve your objectives, you must be aware of how organic and paid social media strategies fit together. In order to increase traffic and conversions on your website, you will most likely need paid social campaigns. However, if you already have an established community through organic social media marketing, your paid campaigns will likely yield better results.

That’s also true of user-generated content. If you’ve invested time in cultivating a community of creators who regularly contribute user-generated content (UGC) for your brand, you can leverage their work (and audiences) to increase the success of your paid advertising campaigns.


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