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Tagging is a great method to make social media more of a group activity, which is the whole point of using such sites in the first place. People on the site will generally respond to being tagged by sending you a notification and initiating a discussion. When you’re a brand, the same rules apply.

Learn the ins and outs of tagging people in Instagram stories and beyond by reading this guide!

Instagram Hashtag Tutorial

Tagging profiles on Instagram is a breeze, receive more likes to the app. The next two bullet points will explain how to tag a user in a post or a story on Instagram.

Instagram: Tagging Friends in New Posts

In addition to alerting the person you tagged, the photo or post will display in the “Photos and videos of you” area of their profile. To accomplish this,

  • Launch Instagram.
  • Use the + sign in the upper left corner to make a new entry.
  • Choose the picture you wish to share and give it the final touches.
  • After you’re done with editing, you may add a few hashtags to the caption.
  • Tap the “Tag people” option and enter the user name of the person or company you wish to tag before you publish.

To share, go back to the first screen and click “Share.”

The photo has been uploaded, and the user has been properly labelled.

Instagram: Tagging Friends in Your Posts
Simply do the following to tag an account in a post from your profile:

You can view the entry in your profile.

  • Launch the app and hit the menu button with the three dots.
  • Select “Edit” to make changes.
  • The caption may now be edited or new individuals can be tagged.
  • Label the wanted profile.
  • Just hit the “Done” button and you’ll be all set.
  • Instagram’s Story Tagging Guide
  • If you neglect to tag someone in an Instagram story, you can’t change it afterwards as you do engage with your posts. Once you’ve shared the article, there’s no going back to add or remove people you wanted to tag.

Now that we have that out of the way, this is how you tag someone in an Instagram story:

  • To add a new tale, tap the + button, or slide to the left.
  • Create a photo or video, or select one from your library and submit it.
  • Start a tag by entering “@” followed by the user’s name.
  • When you’ve located it, just hit the “done” button.

Just add some filters, stickers, and music, and you’re ready to share your creation online.

This concludes our crash course on tagging people in Instagram posts and stories. Visit the Camberlion blog, though, to increase your Instagram advertising. Oh, and if you want more instantaneous marketing advice, be sure to follow us.


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