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Instagram Data Points For 2023

When it comes to influencer marketing, Instagram remains unrivalled as a social media platform. Brands that have been on Instagram for a while know this already. TikTok and other upstarts in the social media space mean that it’s important to periodically reevaluate how you’re spending your resources.

Instagram isn’t resting on its laurels, in case you were wondering. To help you keep your audiences interested and involved, it keeps getting updated with new features and capabilities.

Summary Instagram Statistics

It’s no wonder that Instagram’s widespread appeal continues to captivate advertisers and consumers alike. First, I’ll give you an overview of several essential Instagram metrics.

Data on Instagram’s Rapid Expansion

Instagram’s popularity has been growing steadily since the app’s debut in 2010. With over a billion users and over 3.8 billion downloads, it still manages to surprise and delight both consumers and advertisers.

A Look at Instagram’s Numbers

When Millennials first started using Instagram, it became a social hub for them. Yet, those times have passed. There are now more people than ever before using the site.

Data about Instagram’s Popularity

In 2022, most Instagram users still log in every day.

To put Instagram’s meteoric rise in perspective, here are some metrics on the service’s user base.

How Many People Follow You on Instagram: The Numbers

You need people to watch, share, and interact with your material on Instagram for it to be successful.

Actual Instagram Metrics

Instagram now has a livestreaming feature called “Instagram Live.” Instagram Live appears in the app above the user’s main feed, beside Stories.

Statistical Highlights from Instagram

Brands may utilise Instagram Reels, which are short-form films, to produce engaging content for their audiences. Video branding may be improved by using branded text, effects, stickers, and music. We take a deeper dive at Instagram Reels growth statistics.

Evidence from Instagram’s Top Stories

Instagram Stories is a new and exciting way for brands to interact with their fans outside of the main feed. Take a look at these Instagram influencer numbers and you’ll see how important the Stories feature has become:

Instagram pioneered the use of social media celebrities to promote products, and it remains a key platform for this type of marketing.

According to these numbers, if you aren’t currently collaborating with Instagram influencers, you’re missing out.

The Instagram Effect on Mental Health Assessments

A number of professionals have warned that Instagram use may be harmful to users’ psychological well-being. Depression, body dissatisfaction, low self-esteem, and social anxiety have all been associated with the site, according to a few research. When promoting products on Instagram, companies should think about how users in their target demographic could react to their posts.

Have a look at these Instagram and mental health statistics for more information:

In the past year, adolescent depression has risen by 52%. As the APA puts it:
One study found that 27% of youth who use social media for three hours or more a day experience psychological problems, including an increase in suicide ideation. (Association for Psychological Science)
Youth media use in 2019–2020 was up 17% over the previous school year. As reported by “Common Sense Media”
One-third of women who post selfies on Instagram have altered their appearance in some way. As the APA puts it:

Concluding Remarks

These numbers suggest that Instagram is gaining popularity and developing new features and services. It is still used in social media marketing, particularly when focusing on influential users. You can enhance your Instagram content creation strategy by understanding more about the platform, whether you’re just making one post or a full series of Posts.

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