Gaining comments, shares, and likes for certain content on a certain day of the month at a specified time does not convey that each content you share is going to get more likes, comments, views, and shares. Buying Instagram Reels likes is easy as you think. So you have to find the finest times to post your content so that you can boost your content and get in a larger fan base. 

Picking the sole finest time to post on Instagram Reels can be hard. 

Monday: 10 PM, 10 AM, 6 AM

Tuesday: *9 AM, 4 AM, 2 AM,

Wednesday: 11 PM, 8 AM, 7 AM 

Thursday: 7 PM, *12 AM, 9 AM

Friday:  3 PM, 1 PM, *5 AM 

Saturday: 8 PM, 7 PM, 11 AM

 Sunday: 4 PM, 8 AM, 7 AM

Times marked with the star symbol ‘*’ had particularly higher levels of engagement rates. 

Creating high-quality content that works well with your target audiences should be your peak priority. Still, also you need to know when to post your videos so that you are more likely to reach your target audiences when they are highly active on your social media application of choice.

Instagram Reels has a worldwide user base. The US has 130 million users on Instagram, India has 100 million, and Brazil has 91 million worldwide users. But there are hundreds of millions of users on Instagram who unroll throughout the globe.

Start by finding out where(country)  your target audience/ followers are. With a business or creator account on Instagram, you will have access to the insights of Instagram that will display your countries and cities your fans come from. Open the Instagram application and then go to your profile page and tap on the “insights” option to view your Instagram insights.


Do you not have a business or creator account yet? Follow the below steps to switch your account:

Open the Instagram application and go to your profile page. Tap on the three parallel lines (hamburger menu)  in the top right-hand side corner and then tap on the option “settings” at the foot of the screen, Following the tab on the “account” option. Then scroll down to the foot, and you will discover the “switch to a creator or business account” option. You will get an option to switch back to a “personal account” if you already have a creator or business account.

You need to discover what makes you extra special to attract a larger audience. Now that you know where your followers or target audiences are located by using the Instagram insights, you can find out where they are most likely to come around. It is hard to work with time zones without analytics tools. If your target audiences or followers are located primarily in India and Thailand, you will only have about half an hour to worry about. But if your audiences are located in Uk and the US, you will need to plan your content and schedule the content around long-hour time differences. Instagram provides you some scheduling features with an Instagram business account.