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Different Instagram Account Management Tools Besides Iconosquare

From its origins as a free Instagram analytics tool, Iconosquare has gone a long way. Instagram and Facebook integration has been added.

It also allows you to organise and schedule posts on social media platforms like Facebook and Instagram.

However, a higher price tag is inextricably linked to more capability. Pricing begins at $29/month with the very minimum plan that allows for just three social accounts and two team members. For most people in charge of social media or running a small business, that’s just not enough.

There are now more than a few people looking for alternatives to Iconosquare as a means of managing their Instagram profiles. If you’re a marketer doing some comparison shopping, you may want to look into the four options we provide below.

Your priorities and available funds will determine which of these alternatives best suits your needs and how much you can spend on Iconosquare.


Agorapulse is a powerful social media management platform. A consolidated Social Inbox for numerous Instagram profiles makes responding to friends and followers a breeze, and the app is loaded with robust analytics tools.

This programme allows you to manage several Instagram profiles from a single location, in addition to Facebook (personal and business pages and groups), LinkedIn, and YouTube. You can track your social media activity, generate reports, and plan posts in advance.

All the power of modern monitoring without the complexity. Messages and comments from Instagram may be viewed in a centralised location.

Agorapulse’s stored replies and team functions, in addition to the direct reply option, simplify administration.

The ability to listen in on ongoing discussions on Instagram and participate in them is another function. Any hashtag or term can serve as the basis for one of these. You may increase your audience and level of participation by listening carefully. It streamlines the entire procedure of locating pertinent discussions, saving you time and effort every week.

Automated rules are another helpful time-saver. By doing so, you and your team will be able to better manage the information coming into your email.


Control several Instagram profiles with ease.
You may pre-schedule Instagram postings.
High-Level Statistics
Comment moderation, including Instagram advertisement comments
Monitoring (hashtags, location check-in, keywords) (hashtags, location check-in, keywords)
Inappropriate language must be moderated in accordance with your community’s standards.
Appointed as a Preferred Marketing Partner by Instagram


Agorapulse is a potent weapon and an investment, therefore it’s not for people looking for a free meal.


Whether you like Hootsuite or not, it’s hard to deny that it’s a powerful and reasonably priced service that works with a wide variety of social networks. In the same vein as Agorapulse, it can be used to plan and manage your social media accounts across platforms including Instagram, Facebook, LinkedIn, YouTube, and Twitter.

Pinterest posts can also be scheduled in advance. A low price and a limited set of features make this a viable option for some. However, the statistics are where Iconosquare shines for the vast majority of its consumers. You won’t be able to do that with Hootsuite’s free plan.

Hootsuite allows content creation for several platforms but has fewer management features. You can’t just change the post once and have it reflect across all platforms; instead, you’ll need to produce new versions of it for each service.

Your Instagram feed, along with any comments, tags, or likes, will be under very limited control. An additional drawback is that, except for the most premium of subscription plans, you won’t have access to the vast majority of analytics capabilities.


Control several Instagram profiles with ease.
Extra functionality in the form of premium applications is available (such as trending hashtags with Trendspottr). Read this page for additional information.
Monitoring (hashtags, location check-ins, tags) (hashtags, location check-ins, tags)
Instagram Posting (business profiles only)


Clumsy design of the user interface. Definitely not as friendly to newcomers as Iconosquare.
You need to upgrade to a paid Team account in order to see the reports.
There are no phrase-based moderation guidelines.

Sprout Social

When it comes to social media statistics, Sprout Social has you covered. It offers reports for all of the most popular social media platforms, including Instagram and Instagram Stories. In addition to these features, you can also schedule material, produce reports, and set up listening. Even at the highest pay grades, you may take use of automated processes. It’s a powerful tool that can serve the needs of a wide variety of companies. However, it is also among the most costly choices.


Its commercial social media services include access to extensive analytics for the most popular social media platforms. If you need to record a certain statistic, you may probably find it in one of their premium reports.
You may manage several accounts and schedule posts in advance.
The higher your subscription level, the more team features and automation you have access to.


Even the most basic subscription to this product is rather pricey.
You will be charged on a monthly basis per user, and you cannot add users to a single plan to share the cost among a group.
Though modern and attractive, the interface isn’t always easy to use. Some may find it too “advanced.”


Planoly is an option to think about if you need an Instagram-specific tool. In addition to managing your content grid, scheduling posts, and even uploading stories and GIFs if you choose a robust enough package, this tool also lets you to produce and publish your own material.


Have a look at a dummy mobile display that shows your grid at a glance.
The Shoplink add-on will allow you to insert buy links into your blog entries at no extra cost.
If you’re just getting started, the basic free package is all you need to get going.


There is a lack of depth in the areas of management and analytics.
On a free subscription, you may only upload 30 photos each month.
It is limited to Instagram. More advanced social media management tools can be found elsewhere.


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