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In 2023, how can you make Instagram marketing work for you?

With more than 1.16 billion monthly active users, Instagram presents a big potential for advertisers. Furthermore, this year Instagram marketing has grown by 76 million users, making it one of the most promising new channels for reaching a wide audience.

More than 90% of Instagram users follow at least one brand. Products outside of the market also do well. Instagram is used by more than 36 percent of B2B buyers to research potential purchases.

As individuals all across the world acclimatise to the new standard of social distance, it has become increasingly difficult for small company owners and social media managers to pivot campaigns, alter content calendars, and come up with novel ways to sell their wares.

The importance of social media as a means for people and companies to keep in touch with one another, learn about current events, enjoy content, and grow their networks has never been higher.

If you’re looking to boost your Instagram strategy, return on investment, and competitive edge in 2023, this guide sheet is for you.

Use a business account for your company

Access other features, such as:

Instagram ads based on user profiles’ activity data
A call-to-action button and primary and secondary inboxes for messages are included in the shopping function.
A creator account provides its holder with a set of advantages tailored to their needs as an influencer or content producer. Yet, a business account is the best option for the vast majority of advertising. Go ahead and convert your account if you haven’t already.

Draft a goal-achieving plan

Each and every one of the social media platforms available today is an instrument. But, without a clear goal in mind, it will be difficult to effectively apply any of these methods.

Instagram marketing may imply various things to different marketers. Is it your intention to:

Is your business ready to take the plunge into the digital sphere?
Brand recognition?
Generate fresh prospects?
Establish yourself as a frontrunner in your field.
Direct app-based product sales?
While it’s fine to combine some of these objectives, you won’t see much success without a well-defined Instagram strategy.

Characterize your intended audience

Market analysis will reveal the Instagram users most likely to respond to your ads. Knowing who you’re writing for will help you create material that resonates with them.

This is very important when making decisions about the target audience for your Instagram advertisements.

Increase your profile’s attractiveness

You just have 150 characters to make a good first impression, show some brand personality, and give consumers a compelling reason to follow your Instagram account.

We can’t possibly anticipate all of it from such a tiny spot.

Luckily, Instagram profiles have a few more sections that may be used to promote your company and increase your discoverability. Consider a few examples:

The search will utilise the first 30 characters of your name.
You might think of your handle as another name for your username.
In regards to your website: Changes can be made at any time to the URL that can be clicked on.
Type: Anything that represents your company to the outside world Contact details: Share your location with users.
To the People: Messages from Instagram users should be accessible immediately from user profiles.

Choose a suitable photo for your profile

In most cases, your profile picture may also serve as your brand’s emblem. This helps establish your credibility and lets site visitors quickly get a sense of who you are.

Your Instagram profile photo is a perfect circle with a diameter of 110 pixels, meaning it’s 110 pixels wide and 110 pixels height. If you want your profile picture to appear excellent regardless of whether Instagram alters its layout, you should keep in mind that it is stored at 320 by 320 pixels and submit a file of that size.

If you’re a company, use your logo as your profile photo; if you’re an artist, choose a portrait that reflects your unique style.

Come up with eye-catching material

Instagram being a visual platform, postings should reflect that. Your photos and videos should be clear, bright, well-composed, and in focus; you don’t need a professional camera for this.

Make sure any non-photographic visuals you include, such infographics or animations, are clear, uncluttered, and enjoyable to look at.

It’s crucial that the visuals catch the viewer’s attention. Amazing visuals without a compelling narrative will fail to attract and hold the attention of your audience.

To get you started with blogging, here are some examples of creatives:

Give your followers a glimpse of what goes on behind the scenes by posting photos of your workspace, shop, or production process.
Pictures with captions or quotations: Experiment with text formatting to create eye-catching, image-free writing.
What makes user-generated material so believable is that it was created by actual users.
Notices containing guidelines: One of the most interesting things you can do is instruct others on how to achieve success.
If you want to upload a video on Instagram, you only have 60 seconds. With IGTV, however, you may upload far longer videos.
Remember that you may increase your reach if people are moved to share your content on their own stories. You should concentrate on making content that people will want to share.

Make an Instagram aesthetic that reflects your company’s vibe

It’s important to consider presentation while deciding on content type. Choose your colours carefully when designing your Instagram aesthetic so that you may positively effect sales and recognition of your company.

All of the posts on your Instagram profile should share a similar aesthetic, making it easy for your followers to identify your posts in their feeds.

The quality may be easily reached by using the presets provided by Lightroom. Get your feet wet with a selection of free Instagram settings.


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