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Creating an Instagram content marketing funnel and why it’s important?

This method won’t bring in as many sales as you hope for if all of your Instagram posts are “pushy” and designed to sell. There is no marketing strategy more dependent on a well-functioning content funnel than Instagram marketing.

The goal of a content marketing funnel is to engage your existing audience, draw in new readers, and ultimately result in sales.

Building an Instagram content marketing funnel from scratch is the topic of this article.

Very simply, what does “Content Marketing Funnel” entail?

The content marketing funnel is a sequence of pieces designed to lead a reader from first awareness of your company to a purchase decision.

Even if you didn’t realise it, you’ve already seen content marketing funnels in action. The content marketing funnel includes channels like as blogs, instant messaging, branded Instagram profiles, and e-commerce sites.

The content marketing funnel is adaptable to many platforms, including Instagram.

There’s no set number of posts that all content channels need to have. How well-recognized your brand is will vary depending on the nature of your business, the nature of your target market, and the specifics of your sector.

While the total number of postings may be flexible, the sequence in which they appear must be same throughout all of your operations. You may tailor the general format of any content funnel to your needs by changing the specifics at each stage.

But, you are free to include more information in your content funnel; the postings within the funnel need not be sequential.

Communicating with your audience on your account, responding to their comments, and encouraging them to add comments under your posts are all necessary for the funnel to function properly. Yet, this is a dedicated and active group, so be sure they are interested in what you have to say.

The goal of a content funnel should not be to sell your audience on your product or service, but rather to demonstrate the value that they will receive from it. Throughout your postings, you should address the problems that your readers are having.

Marketing’s Content-Funnel Time for Exploitation

It’s not necessary to employ the content funnel in every single one of your Instagram updates. It’s most useful when you’re trying to attract people who aren’t already familiar with your profile, such as through a sponsored social campaign, influencer marketing campaign, giveaway, or challenge.

The initial update’s subject matter must adapt to the nature of the occasion.

So, it makes sense to introduce yourself to a new audience before they arrive. In this case, a thread introducing new members would be appropriate.

When introducing a new product, the initial blog post should focus on the benefits of that product and how it differs from similar offerings from rivals.
Instagram’s content funnel might help you reach both your current and potential customers. It still operates fundamentally the same way, with the only real difference being the information shown in each individual article.

The first post in the sales funnel should be designed to get people excited about your upcoming event, whether it’s the introduction of a new product or service, an update, a new release, an expansion of your product line or your business, the opening of a new store, or even just a reminder that you sell stuff.

Plan for Instagram’s Content Funnel

Instagram content marketing funnels are like recipes; you can modify them as needed to achieve the desired results.

The content marketing funnel operates on the premise that each individual piece of information is designed to elicit a certain response.

Moreover, while using a single content marketing funnel, you should focus on selling just one thing at a time.

I’m willing to wager that everyone here is trying to sell something. In this instance, you’ll want to create a separate sales funnel for each product.

The funnel’s several posts do not function separately from one another, but rather as one unified whole. All of the articles have a certain function and lead the reader logically towards making a purchase from you. Nonetheless, any post has the potential to induce a sale under the right conditions.

It goes without saying that the photographs you choose for the funnel should be of excellent quality and on point, but even if the content funnel is frequently connected with captions and copy, Instagram remains a visually-focused site. A compelling caption won’t save a poorly received photo or video.

Which Kind of Articles Make Up the Content Funnel?

Instagram’s most popular content funnel follows the AIDA model, which consists of four stages (attention, interest, desire, and action).

A fifth factor, engagement, should be included here given that we are discussing Instagram.

Attention post:

You either make them aware of your product or service for the first time, or you remind them why they should care about it again. How? Using a catchy combination of a picture, headline, and the opening sentence or paragraph of the caption.

A Post of Interest:

The focus of your readers will be firmly fixed on this content. The USP is where you get to explain how your product or service stands out from the crowd. Nonetheless, remember to keep your customers in mind at all times. Provide some information and details that your readers have never seen before.

Engagement post:

At this point, you’ve posted a tonne of valuable material and engaged your audience in conversation through the usage of viral, engaging, and helpful content.

Desire post:

This is the point where you differentiate yourself from the competition and win the client over. They will feel compelled to make a purchase from you because of how persuasive you are. It’s great that you’re able to back up the general perception of your brand with hard evidence.


Social media postings of this type highlight the product’s most salient qualities and advantages before concluding with a clear call to action.


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