YouTubers watch more than a billion videos on YouTube every day, but 9% of small businesses only bothered to start their own YouTube channels yet.ready to jump in because the opportunity is getting bigger today for business. Learn how to start a channel on YouTube for beginners is not as tough as it seems. Use this guide to create your YouTube channel today and start to grow your business.


To set up a YouTube channel for business, you have to be logged in to the google account that you want to use to manage the channel.  Instead of using a personal channel, use a brand account to run your channel; this can help you to scan easily down the line because you can add other people to a branded account via their logins of Google.

  •  Logged in your google account that you want to use to manage the brand account and visit YouTube and head to the YouTube channel switcher.
  •  You should see your brand accounts that you managed currently and your personal account, and create a new channel option. 
  • When you click on create a new channel option, you will be taken to the new screen to create a brand new account. Choose your desired name for the channel for your new brand account and click the button “click.”
  • You are a proud owner of a new channel on YouTube now for your business. 


So that now you know how to create a new channel on YouTube for your business and get more likes for your videos by buying YouTube likes , let’s take time to get it looking its best. Here are some easy steps you can take it to give to your channel for giving a more professional look and make sure that your viewers or audiences will know how to find you online.


When you start a YouTube channel from scratch, the icon of your channel will be blinked, and directly YouTube will update your brand account.  Clicking on the edit option directly will take you to upload a  photo screen on your brand account. It is recommended the size of the picture that should be a nonanimated GIF, PNG, BMP, JPG, which are saved at 800*800 pixels. And you should make sure that also the displays well at smaller sizes in both circle and square crop for the multiple places that the YouTube will use your icon of the channel.


Channel art adding is the best way to show off the personality of your brand and create a more engaging, visually YouTube profile.  Your art for channel must be under 4 mega bites and atleat 2048*1152 pixels, although YouTube recommends will going with 2560*1440pixels for the best output on all devices. Preview for each image you load will give by YouTube to showing how it will display on different devices. You can edit and the crop of your image. An integral part of the content marketing strategy can be a video. YouTube is the largest search engine. Which is marked as the second position?