Instagram is launching a music and video remix feature against the TikTok application.

Instagram allows you to record a fifteen-second video clip set to audio and share that video as an Explore page and Stories.  A new platform of marketing has grown this year. One of the newest features of the biggest social media application Instagram is Reels. Reels are the newest way to make and find short video content on Instagram.  

The Reels feature of Instagram lets you film and edit fifteen-second multiple video clips with custom filters, effects, and custom. The Instagram Reels enables creators and brands and provides some variety, to be aesthetically focused and less curated, such that video content that Instagram application continues. It will provide the possibility to show their target audiences a  dissimilar part to them via more quirky, original, and creative content. 

The Reels feature on Instagram was released in August 2020. 

One of the first ways for brands and businesses to make the most advantage of Instagram reels in their marketing strategy is by understanding its connection with the TikTok application’s content. Buying Instagram Reels views is also considered as one of the marketing strategies for businesses and brands. With Instagram Reels, sounds, music, and dance moves are straightly lifted from TikTok. Most of the brands are doing campaigns on Instagram Reels, for example, Louis Vuitton. The brand Louis Vuitton has no videos on the TikTok platform but has leveraged the features and trends of TikTok that are more popular on the platform in their content of Instagram Reels. 

The Instagram Reels videos of Louis Vuitton create the straight use of the popular transition trend of TikTok to demonstrate the various outfits; it is very similar like users do on the TikTok platform. In the 1st series of Instagram Reels, models are filmed picking up and dropping a mobile whilst their costumes are changed. These sleek types of transitions on TikTok are very popular, and unsurprisingly the transitions also hit on Instagram Reels.  This particular Instagram Reels of Louis Vuitton has brought in 8.6M views and has 373K likes.

The other brand that is top of their Instagram  Reels feature is Sephora. Sephora is popularly known for its beauty products. Sephora is the best in the industry for stocking a broad-ranging selection of fragrance, skincare, makeup, and a collection of different brands. The sephora’s Instagram Reels page only has three videos, but each video content put through how to market makeup products in this engaging and new short format, and brands can learn a lot from them.

Sephora has 20.2 million active followers, and also they know exactly what their target audiences want, information and detail about the new brands and products, and how to use them. 

The Instagram reels features provide more best features within the application, including a collection of sounds. It is more important to keep the products as a primary thing when creating short-form video content.